Warm up your home and hearts with delicious home cooked meals this winter. With old fashioned service and delicious fresh cuts you are well on the way to creating the perfect dish after a visit to Bruce’s Meat at St Agnes Shopping Centre.

Food brings people together and cooking a delicious home cooked meal is the way to the hearts of your family and friends. Whether it be for a celebration, special milestone or simply celebrating your culture with an authentic meal.

Food at home made with love brings warm smiles, love, laughter, full bellies and a little extra warmth in the kitchen. The crowd-pleasers are always a winner. Sunday roast with oven roasted vegetables and accompanied by a delicious pot of gravy. Everyone devouring the mouth-watering meal and going back for seconds while soaking up the last morsel of gravy with a piece of warm crusty bread smothered in butter.

You can’t go wrong with a beef lasagne, layering fresh lasagne sheets with Bolognese sauce, bacon and grated cheese. Give it a try. It is DELICIOUS! Serve with a homemade green salad, coleslaw and hot crispy garlic bread.

If you are looking for a meal you can set and leave, then lamb shanks in the slow cooker could be the way to go. Leave them to simmer for hours while you go about your housework or relaxing, watch them fall apart and serve with creamy mashed potato and side of vegetables.

Food shared with family and friends not only creates everlasting memories, it also brings back wonderful recollections of time spent together, the smell of the roast potatoes cooking, the hustle and bustle around the kitchen table and delegating the clean-up crew for the mess and dishes.

If you are looking for some wonderful cooking at home recipes and ideas, then visit RecipeTin Eats – A Food Blog Serving Up Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes.  Nagi has developed many scrumptious and simple recipes for all levels of cooking.  


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