Widex (black charger, silver hearing aids)

The new Widex Moment hearing devices are the smallest Bluetooth enabled, lithium ion rechargeable hearing aid available on the market today. Widex have created a new algorithm (Puresound) tailored to individuals with mild hearing loss, delivering truly natural sound. A hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid.

Widex Moment is available in a range of different price points.

Unitron (silver charger, charcoal hearing aids)
The new Moxi Blu devices by Unitron, are on the latest made-for-all phone chip set giving the client the greatest flexibility when it comes to connectivity. My Unitron App, that compliments the Blu range of devices allows the client a wide range of adjustability options all from their smartphone. Unitron have made features like ‘wind noise’ management available at lower price points, which makes the Moxi Blu great value for money.

A quality hearing device with advanced features to help the client in every listening situation.